Storms and Mud, Chickens and Predators, and a New Addition

We have had a lot of rain.  Much needed rain!  The grass is finally growing and the oak trees are finally looking as if they are more than just barely hanging on.  I was getting worried that most of these trees were dead or dying.  I noticed that the oaks  just a county over look better than the ones here were looking and I found it peculiar.  It feels like an odd late Spring.  My boots end up feeling like there’s 5 pounds of mud on each of them.  We wont discuss what happens when I just throw a pair of slip on shoes to go outside to do something “really quick”.  Even the dogs do not want to go out into it.  This mud is like glue!  However, it is fun to play in in the truck and on a 4 wheeler.  NOT that I have been doing that or anything.  Ha!

Some of these storms have been intense and, I wont lie, some have worried me.  RV living and storms with high winds and a lot of lightning aren’t my idea of fun.  Last night was one of those nights in more than one way.  A storm rolled in and got intense quickly.  I decided to wait the storm out before going out to close up my chicken coop.  Bad idea.  I turned on the TV to distract myself and proceeded to fall asleep.  I woke up at 2 am and turned the TV off and listened for thunder or rain.  I heard none.  I rolled over and told myself that it was time to get up and go close up the chickens.  Right about that time I heard my one guinea go crazy.  I jumped out of bed, grabbed my flashlight and went to the door.  I opened the door and shined the light in the direction of the coop.  I yelled out “Hey!” and saw two glowing eyes from over by the chicken coop.  It was a fox or a raccoon.  I am guessing fox.  I put my shoes on and grabbed the BB gun and flashlight.  By now the goats are all awake and wondering why I am outside and making so much noise.  They were certain it was to give them treats.  I went to the coop and looked inside.  No rooster.  I looked around outside a little and could only see feathers.  I closed the coop run door and lifted the nest box lids to try to count them, speaking softly to them.  I could not see them all as they were upset and moving around.  I took one last look around with my flashlight and headed back in.  Id have to wait to do a head count in the morning.  I went back to bed and could not sleep.  I am so mad at myself for falling asleep! I am missing a Buff Orpington rooster and an Auracauna hen.  A previous attack took a Buff rooster and a Buff hen.  I’m down 4 chickens.  Tonight 3 or 4 hens did not want to roost in the coop.  Poor girls.  I convinced them to go into the coop and closed them up while talking to them and petting them.  Yes, I talk to and pet my chickens.  They talk back as well.  🙂 There is no storm tonight so far and I am peeking out watching for any critters.  4 meals is all that fox is getting from my coop.  The kitchen is CLOSED!

On a brighter note, we have a new addition to the goat herd.  I had been waiting for the weaning/pick up date and finally went to pick up my little Nubian doeling.  She is a beautiful roan color with the prettiest long ears!  She is just beautiful.  I am still trying to think of a name for her.  I am terrible at naming animals.  The rest of the herd is getting used to her.  My Nigerian doe is especially ornery to her.  This Nigerian needs an attitude adjustment, she is a little firecracker!  The other babies are curious and accepting of her, and my other Nubian doe kinda likes her, but would never admit it.

The Hubs and I have way too much to get done this week, as usual.  There is no way we will get it all done in a week, before he heads back to work.  It’s ok.  I have to tell myself that we can only do what we can and the rest will just have to wait.  It rarely helps with my impatience.  I just can’t get things done fast enough.  There are SO many things to do and I know that it will all take time…lots and lots of time!  It is driving me crazy to not have any garden at all.  Not even in containers.  It’s just not right!  I am concentrating on a Fall garden.  Keep your fingers crossed that I can accomplish that.  I desperately need my greenhouse put together, but I am doubting that that will happen this week. I sure wish we had some help, but it seems that The Hubs and I will be the ones lending help this time.  Changes are coming soon in my family.  Some fantastic and some not so fantastic.  I keep reminding myself, and I truly believe, that everything happens for a reason.  Even the bad decisions in life are positive if something can be learned from them to help make us better people. I hope to never stop learning!

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