We’re here!

We have finally moved ourselves, the goats, chickens and dogs out to the land.  We moved the RV out here Feb 28th, and got the animals here on March 3rd.  It has been interesting, fun, exciting, frustrating and irritating.  We are enjoying it all, though.

There exists a grazing lease for a local rancher to graze his cows on all of the land that isn’t fenced in out here.  Our lot is only fenced at the back, therefore the cows graze on our land sometimes.  We had no problem with that and opted to wait on perimeter fencing for now.  Well… that is a huge part of the frustration and irritation.  We had no idea how destructive cows can be!  Our goats are behind temporary fencing of T-poles and ranch panels, as we move them around and let them browse and “clean up” the bushes around and within the many oak tree groves.  The goats are doing a fine job of clearing for us.  The cows come and want the water and have knocked over and bent panels trying to get in the pens for the water and hay.  I came home from visiting my daughter, who lives a couple of hours away, to one side of the does and kids pen knocked over and a mini Lamancha buckling on the wrong side of the fence.  He was desperately trying to get back in.  I had no idea how long he had been out and I could not believe they weren’t ALL out and roaming the countryside or teasing the bucks!  I had been gone just over 24 hours and I quickly got him back in and checked him out while he frantically nursed from Momma.  He wasn’t dehydrated as far as my Nursing skills could tell.  He is doing fine and had no problems from the traumatic experience.

So now, being the worry wart that i am when it comes to my animals, I do not leave home for very long periods at a time,  if I can help it.  The cows are easy to run off most of the time, but we have had a few hard headed ones who stand their ground and take quite a bit of convincing to move along.  One bull was quite certain that he needed the small amount of water in my bucks’ pen and that my husband, while annoying, was just not that scary.  I could see it in that bulls eyes, he was sizing The Hubs up.  The bull decided against a serious challenge and moved on, stopping to look back and I’m sure, throw some insults our way.

Ah!  The excitement!  At least it isn’t boring out here.  We should start making videos.  People would get quite a laugh at us I am sure!

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