The joys and heartbreaks of raising animals.

We lost our 5 year old Saanen Doe “Princess Olive” on Thursday. She had been sick and we were getting her through it when she started aborting her two babies 2 months or so into the pregnancy. We ended up at a local Veterinarian and a C section was done. Olive didn’t pull out of it. The next morning she had to be put down.

My mind just spins at the what if’s and maybe if this… or I had done that…  The Necropsy showed that she was perfectly healthy on the inside.  We just don’t know exactly what happened and without knowing exactly what went wrong, I will second guess everything I did.  This has made me want to learn!  I just have to know all I can know about Goats!

She was the whole family’s little “Princess Olive” back in 2013 when I bought her as a 3 day old from a small Dairy that was up the road from us. We all spent time with her and bottle fed her and videoed/Photographed her antics. Even my grown Kids are mourning her loss. We all know this is a part of raising animals, but some just steal your heart more than others and leave permanent impressions on it. I have a small herd of Dairy goats. They all have our hearts by the strings.

The new babies to come soon will have their own personalities and will steal their own pieces of our hearts as well…..Life goes on. 🙂 We will love and lose again. It’s all part of life.

I gladly take the Joys and the Heartaches of raising animals. I can’t imagine never having animals in my life.

One thought on “The joys and heartbreaks of raising animals.

  1. Losing animals sucks. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been raising them for 6 months or 20 years- it’s really hard. We’ve farrowed pigs and in our last batch we lost all but 2 of the piglets, then we ended up having to bottle feed because mama pig couldn’t. I’m sorry you list your mama goat. Did your baby goats make it? I came across your blog via Homesteading For Women, best of luck to you on your homesteading & blogging journey!

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