Progress has slowed

Progress has slowed

Today at 10:00 AM

Well we didn’t make my deadline of being out on the land by Christmas. This bums me out quite a bit. Now we have to get through this cold snap and frozen water pipes and hoses. It’s almost over! Next is setting up a water system. We will have a well dug later and for now a water storage tank and delivery system. Today we hope to go find ourselves a decent sized storage building for the property. We have crammed way too much stuff into this RV and it has to all come out before we can move it. Plus the RV has to go in for a service to make sure seals and everything are good! Repairs to the awning or a new awning is in store. The first time we used the awning, it rained and bent the metal arm. Ugh! So, we made it through the Holidays and now we just need to get our butts in gear and keep going! I can’t wait to be out there on our own land!! I am growing so impatient! 🙂

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