We’re here!

We have finally moved ourselves, the goats, chickens and dogs out to the land.  We moved the RV out here Feb 28th, and got the animals here on March 3rd.  It has been interesting, fun, exciting, frustrating and irritating.  We are enjoying it all, though. There exists a grazing lease for a local rancher to…Read more »

Water system, check!

All parts and pieces have been purchased and are being assembled for our water system. The Hubs is building a pump house as we speak. So, early this next week we hope to get it all out to the land, hooked up and water delivered. If this goes as planned we will be able to…Read more »

Progress has slowed

Progress has slowed Today at 10:00 AM Well we didn’t make my deadline of being out on the land by Christmas. This bums me out quite a bit. Now we have to get through this cold snap and frozen water pipes and hoses. It’s almost over! Next is setting up a water system. We will…Read more »

Finally some work done

We finally have a driveway! Yay! We also cleared the spot for the RV, the spot for the cabin, (well, 2 spots since I found a much better spot after the Hubs cleared the first. Ha!) and knocked down some dead trees, mangled some cactus, yucca and bushes. In that process we have discovered a…Read more »


It has rained all day today. I have been so busy that it has occurred to me that we are entering the Fall rainy season. Making a driveway on the new land is going to be quite interesting. Maybe the wet ground will help get some of the cactus up! 🙂 Not wanting to waste…Read more »